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Download PDF  English The Function Pointer Tutorials Postscript or PDF of the tutorials
Télécharger PDF  French Les pointeurs de fonctions Postscript ou PDF de le tutoriel
Download zipped Example Source Code Example Code Zip with all examples from the Function Pointer Tutorials
Download Callback Library C++ Callback Library From Rich Hickey (9/2/96) including a modified version for the Borland compiler 5.5x
Download PDF Callback Implementations in C++ A scientific but still practical callback paper by Paul Jakubik illuminating almost all possible ways to make callbacks.
Download zipped Source  Download Install File PNC2 Rule Induction System My third project. A free machine learning windows tool that automatically induces rules from your data using a kind of cluster algorithm.
Download PDF The PNC2 Cluster Algorithm English translation of the parts of my PhD thesis, that are relevant to the PNC2 cluster algorithm.
Download zipped Source  Download Install File Source To HTML Converter Free software tool for Windows that converts source code of arbitrary programming or markup languages into syntax-highlighted HTML

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